June Cho, a Korean woman who is a postdoc in the School of Nursing in UNC-CH. I handled with her dissertation from 2004.DEC to 2005.MAY, and she graduated smoothly on 2005.JUL. Her husband is a professor in the School of Pharmacy. I guess they have been the U.S. citizens. After she graduated, she stay here to be her advisor's postdoc, and keep doing advanced research from her dissertation.

She wants to do a 2-way ANOVA to compare simple main effect in her current study. It's very easy, but she just needs my confirmation. I constructed a macro to her and she can just call this macro to fit all of her models (18 models). However, simple main effect is only used under the interaction term is significant. I only ran a model and the interaction term is significant, but I can predict not all of them have significant interaction terms. However, simple main effect is her only purpose of current research. How could we do it under non-significant interaction?

Regularly, I asked my supervisor, Mark. He said even though the interaction term is not significant, but we can still keep it in GLM model. Therefore, we con consist all results of simple main effect from those 18 models because all of them include interaction term. This could be a more suitable conclusion in discussion section.

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